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BuhlBoy's News

Posted by BuhlBoy - October 18th, 2022

First broadcast using Mixxx, had some issues with the microphone that caused the broadcast to go on and off. That said, still had a great time today with an excellent lineup.

!NILWAB by @functionXd

you know by @oknowthisisepic

WRONG WAY? by @NNmusic

Ushiro No Shomen (ウシロノショウメン) by @WaxTerK

NUMBERED by @uvi

Birds Having a Conversation By Chirping In The Sunset by @breakcore11

wdym aenea by @illteteka


Micro Rave by @JacquesKeyword

ahemcell - EDtape vol 1 by @Razencro

(Holy Shit)

Iris by @Synami

Microbe Scrubber by @illteteka


Stop it by @CylrielOfficial and defyer

DEMON by @KTilted

i ran out of music so i played some stuff on my harddrive

Use a protractor by @illteteka

Panini Pressin by @illteteka

I'll be back again next week on Monday, 2pm EST. Don't miss out!



Posted by BuhlBoy - October 4th, 2022

Today's Songs:

i love jon - @ImpS95

I Don't Exist - @Moonless

Kt~ // emotional - @KTilted

軽量コンクリートブロック a - @cscpn

False Prophet - @Paint2Acetone

ILYT - @TheNewAge

hjhjhjhhjhj - @alphainvention

reactor - @cscpn

Cobra - @Synami

Acidanthera - @Synami

Polite Buster - @illteteka

Excuse - @TheNewAge

WHY 12:40 - @HaR4oK

I'll be live again on 10/18 @ 2pm EST with a fresh list of songs! Don't miss out!






Posted by BuhlBoy - August 9th, 2021

Man, not sure how to start this, other than


What a year its been. So much has happened in just a year it feels like I've been here for far longer.

Last year was a bit of a strange year, no surprises, but covid completely fucked up my post college plans. I had been working on my portfolio and networking skills, I had just hit PAX East and I was super ready for GDC in 2 weeks, I was gonna network, meet some new people, figure out if I was hire able, and maybe score a job. And then PAX weekend GDC 2020 gets cancelled, and I don't know what to do. I had a whole timeline planned with backup plans, and covid annihilated every single plan I had. I was extremely lucky and scored a part time remote game dev job making UI art for this platform fighter called Vortex Rising: Mercy's End (now known as Rushdown Revolt), so I had some extra income coming in. But as the first month of covid passed, I started thinking about my future and what I wanted to do with my life, now that I was mostly done with school. I've always been creatively oriented, and I realized that UI work didn't fully satisfy that craving to create. And then one day, I was chillin in my friend and then roommate @JasoonMargoon 's room, and he brought up Smiling Friends. I had never heard of it, but as soon as he mentioned psychicpebbles, my ears perked up. We sat down and watched the pilot, and right then and there it clicked.

I wanted to do animation. It made sense, I've always had ideas for skits, always wanted to draw and make videos, but I never had the actual resources to do it. But I just turned 22, I had 2 jobs, and so much more freetime thanks to covid, I could totally make this work. So I spent that summer coming up with ideas, overscoping them, abandoning them, and just getting an understanding of what went into making an animation. and the first result was this animation here:

Don't have much to say about it, but I still think this is the funniest animation I've made, even if its a little barebones.

I was also saving up all summer to buy an iPad Pro so I could have a portable art device, and almost instantly I saw huge improvements in my art. Right around this time I also made a Newgrounds account, it made sense, all my favorite creators got there start here, why am I not on Newgrounds? It really didn't mean much to me at the time, it was just going to function as another art dump.

But then October rolls around, and the Among Us Animation Jam gets announced. I was hypeddd, I kept abandoning all my animations, but having a set deadline gave me the motivation to actually make and finish an animation. Not gonna lie, I was hella lazy with it, i procrastinated until the last 3 days and then crunched up until 30 minutes before the deadline:

I did actual lip syncing, and I kinda colored it? But I attended the watch party on the NGP discord server, and from that point on is when I truly joined the Newgrounds community. I stuck around, got to know @Xinxinix a little, he invited me to another server, where we played Jackbox games and among us regularly. And slowly over the next few months I stuck around, and became friends with everyone there. That's when I realized I had finally found the community I have been looking for my entire life.

I've always kinda been an outcast most of my life, even with my closest friends there's this disconnect between us with our interests, the way we carry ourselves and blah blah. But here, I didn't feel judged, I could be as weird as I wanted to be, for the first time I felt confident and comfortable to actually BE ME. That meant, and still means so much to me, and I totally understand why the community here is so tight knit and so strong. I've grown so much as an artist and as a person because of this site. The dream of becoming an animator, writing for television, its not just a dream anymore, I have an actual path there! And the PEOPLE, the PEOPLE, they are what make this site. Just name dropping a few people, but @PsychoGoldfish, @Xinxinix, @Jacob, @Spadezer, @Bill @Oddlem, @TheDyingSun, @VoicesByCorey @therealmrsnuggles @shitonastick @AlbeGian and tons of others that I'm missing/forgetting.

Yall are fucking awesome, crazy talented motherfuckers and I'm so damn happy that I've been able to become friends with you all.

But yeah man, In just 1 year, I've made 6 animations, made tons of sick friends, became a regular on NGP, and most recently I placed 5th place in an animation jam????? I never in a million years would've predicted this is where I'd be.

Newgrounds fucking rules.



Posted by BuhlBoy - July 1st, 2021

Its been a while since I've made one of these, and theres like 120 more people, so hello!

June was an incredibly hectic and productive month for me, and wanted briefly go over some of the cool as stuff I did


I made a game with some hometown friends, we shacked up at @bandaloo 's place and crunched on our game Schlorp for the jam. I've done a couple of game jams prior but I've always had work or something inbetween, so I was never able to fully commit to one. UNTIL SCHLORP. I took the whole weekend off and just focused on animating as many sprites as I could. My biggest fear was that I wasn't gonna have enough art done by the deadline, but the opposite ended up being true. I had more art than what the rest of the team could timely implement, so a small chunk of stuff was left out. Probably the biggest mistake we made was going with Phaser, especially with no phaser experience. It created a lot of roadblocks and prevented us from really hitting the full scope we wanted for the game. Regardless, we're all super proud of the game we made, and celebrated with respective 2-3 hour drives back to our residences. If you haven't checked it out, give it a try, I feel like the game kinda flew under everyone's radar and is honestly pretty fun for what it is.

Amaze Me Game Jam

Right before the GMTK Jam started, my boy @JasoonMargoon hit me up and invited me to be on another game jam the following weekend. Me being extremely smart and time conscious, I said yes. However at the same time as both this and the GMTK Jam, I was also working on my Animation Jam entry, which was probably my biggest priority. I didn't expect to do much for the jam, and I didn't, but overall did more work than what I originally planned on doing. It was super nice working on pixel art again, its not really my thing but its always refreshing diving back into it again for shits and giggles. As for assets I made most of the neon signs, and made the background assets. @blstrmanx did all the character sprites and animations, as well as donating some of their game maker systems to the cause. @JasoonMargoon and @abockley did the programming, and @carsonkompon provided the banger track and helped with porting it to Newgrounds.

and finally

*drum roll*

Stay Awake Jam!!!

This motherfucker, this one right here, was the hardest I've ever worked on a project. I juggled this shit while doing 2 other game jams, and working 4 days a week at my job. Work days I would get up early to get in an hour of animating before work, and as soon as I walked home, I made dinner, and hopped back onto animating for another 2-3 hours. This was an animation I've wanted to make for years now, so with the theme I felt like this was the perfect opportunity. The summer of 2017 is really special to me, I got my first car, I had a steady (although shitty pay) job, and finally had the freedom I'd always craved. Since that summer I've been a huge fan of Home's music, spending many nights driving to and from Smash tournaments, vibing out and just absorbing his albums. I'd then go home, pack a bowl, get high as fuck, and watch Steven Universe for hours on end into the early morning hours.

If there's any submission I'd want you to check out, out of all the one's mentioned here, its this one. Nothing else to say on it, just watch it, and let me know what you think. Was it good, was it bad, did it make you wanna see the Disney Channel original Movie George of the Jungle on VHS?


I said I wouldn't do this again, but man what do you know I already kinda committed to more projects this month. Summer Animation Jam round 2 is a given, I'm not gonna go nearly as hard, but you bet I'm gonna put something in for it. I'll also probably be doing the Game Jam this month, and I got invited to help on a reanimated project.

Outside of that, I'm trying to get a full time job, or really any job honestly. Post college life is really rough rn, and getting a job in games is equally as rough. So if you got any paid contract work you're looking to fill, idc what it is, as long as its in the realm of art and 2d animation, send me a dm. I'll also probably gauge interest for comissions sometime this month/august, keep an eye out for that as well.


Posted by BuhlBoy - February 21st, 2021


Its here.

I'm doin a lil gooof animation with VoicesByCorey, Spadezer, and Jacob. So look out for that some time in march.

flash forward jam

After screaming and crying and sending threatening looking pictures of my face, psychogolfish finally caved and let me make buttons for his lil fightin game.

Fnf ham:

I'm doin a really small animation and maybe some voice work for some peeps, but the above projects are my priority.


I have some shit posts I might post or sumthin, who knows. Probably nothing